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What is the ROI of a dashboard ? – Part I – The Return

Not an easy question to answer, is it. Subjective terms like "better insights" or "improving decision making" don't really cut it as they cannot be measured Ideally you would want the dashboard that you have developed to increase revenue/decrease costs/reduce risk. But once again it is hard to quantify such ...
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What do you do when someone shares a Power BI report with you ?

If you have never used Power BI, you fumble around trying to make sense of it and waste 30min of your life and then give up. What if I showed you a technique to browse a Power BI report efficiently and make your life easier. It’s called the FBI technique ...
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Which suburb in Brisbane has the highest number of mobile speed cameras ?

No one likes speed cameras. Especially when they are not clearly marked (fixed). So wouldn't it be nice to know the location of mobile speed cameras in your suburb ? Interact with this dashboard to get to know the location of speed cameras in your suburb. And also the answer ...
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Strategic colouring in Power BI-Part 8: Transforming a stacked column chart to highlight individual series

This is the eighth post in the Strategic colouring in Power BI series. Links to all the posts can be found here Stacked column charts are hard to visualise especially when you have more than four "stacks" and if one of them predominates its harder to visualise even with ...
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Using DAX to prevent users from entering the detailed pages from a landing page until every slicer is selected

Suppose you have a landing page and you have a bunch of slicers on the page and you want the users to select at least one option on the slicers before they can enter the next page. It wasn't possible with bookmarks before as you couldnt switch bookmarks using conditional ...
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Strategic colouring in Power BI-Part 7: Dynamically plotting yearly percentage sales of top N products and measuring against a dynamic target

This is the seventh post in the Strategic colouring in Power BI series. Links to all the posts can be found here In the sixth post, we discussed how to isolate and visualise YTD data In this post we will discuss how to dynamically calculate the yearly percentage sales ...
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