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Data storytelling is increasingly being seen as essential to modern data analysis

It is no longer enough to just develop a data model and produce visuals and let the audience take it from there.

Reports need to be developed with the end user in mind while taking them on a journey so that the users have a better understanding of the data. This can be achieved by data storytelling techniques like strategic colouring, drill through, bookmarks and also providing enough visual cues so that the audience can drive the reports without much training.

In Power BI you can incorporate features such as bookmarks and drill through for story telling. The new Page Navigation option is even better as now you can quickly develop reports and let the audience drive them without much effort,

Watch the video for a demo on how it can be achieved. I have used two time series data and plotted it in a line chart along with average, max, min, rolling average and trend lines. That’s a lot of information on a line chart. But with effective storytelling you can introduce these elements one by one so that the end users have time to process all the information.



Link to interactive report: Data storytelling by page navigation in Power BI

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