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Visual level filters for slicers is one of the most requested features in Power BI.There is no capability yet for filtering slicers in Power BI but there is a work around which I will demonstrate here and it doesn’t involve any DAX !


I’m using the Adventure works data set for this exercise. I will create three visuals and call them my group 1 visuals. Two of them are slicers for Sales Territory Country and the third one is a table for the top 10 products by Sales Amount. I will place the slicers on top and bottom of the table (this is for easy visibility, you can place them anywhere). In the bottom slicer select Australia, Canada, France, and Germany. The top slicer should now only show the four countries. It should look like this

Next I copy these three visuals and place them on the right and call them my group 2 visuals. It should look like this. Note how the slicers in group 2 have the same four countries as the slicers in group 1 as you would expect.
Here comes the magic. Select the top slicer in group 1 and go to Format-> Edit Interactions. You will see the interaction options for all visuals in the headers. With the slicer selected, click ‘None’ in the interaction option for all visuals in group 2. It should look like this
Next select the bottom visual in group 1 and click ‘None’ in the interaction option for all visuals in group 2. It should look like this. Notice now the slicers in group 2 are showing all the countries and the total in the group 2 table is different than the group 1 table
Do the same exercise by selecting each slicer in group 2 and clicking ‘None’ on all the visuals in group 1. What we have now achieved is this: whenever we select any slicer in group 1 it wont affect any visuals and slicers in group 2 and vice versa.

Now in the bottom slicer in group 2 select United Kingdom and United States. The top slicer in group 2 is now filtered to only these two countries while there is no effect to the slicers in group 1. It should look like this

As a last step we can hide the bottom slicers as we dont need them in our report.We have now effective created visual level filtering for slicers. You can repeat the same process for any number of slicers on the page by using the Edit Interactions option and blocking slicers you dont want interactions with.

Report here

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