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If you have never used Power BI, you fumble around trying to make sense of it and waste 30min of your life and then give up.

What if I showed you a technique to browse a Power BI report efficiently and make your life easier.

It’s called the FBI technique. Why FBI ? Because like the FBI you are interrogating the report looking for clues (insights) to the problem. And like the FBI, you methodically interrogate it to save time and money.

This is the technique
F – Filter
• The first thing you should do while interrogating the report
• Filter the data by using slicers, charts, labels, legends

B – Bar chart
• Bar charts are the most common visuals around. So its really synonymous for all the other visuals. So next, focus on all the visuals in the report be it line chart, maps, pie chart (yikes) and of course bar chart !
• Look for tooltips, drilldown, and drill through features in them to go down to the details

I – Individualise
•If you still haven’t found what you are looking for, it’s time to individualise
• Use personal bookmarks, comments, analyse in Excel , export data features to individualise the report to fit your needs

Next time you get a Power BI report, use this technique and save time

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