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What do you think should be the purpose of a dashboard?

At the very least a dashboard should

• Sales dashboard informs the user on revenue, KPI etc
• HSE dashboard informs the user on safety incidents , actions etc
• Use visuals and text to Inform

• It’s not just important to Inform, it’s imperative that you Clarify the information
• If you are in Australia and talk about revenue, profit etc to a global audience state explicitly if the dollars are in $ or AUD. Don’t let the audience ask you that.
• Use text to Clarify

• With the availability of interactive features in dashboards it’s becoming more important than ever to engage with the audience and weave a story
• Start with high level metrics and give options to go down to the details
• With Power BI you can achieve this by a combination of bookmarks, drill down, tooltips and drillthrough

So there you go. This is the ICE framework for developing a dashboard.

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