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Spending too much time on creating reports ? 

Talk to us to understand how to automate your report development by minimising your inputs and maximising your outputs. Whether you want an Excel report or a Power BI dashboard we can help you eliminate tedious and repetitive work and decrease the time spent on building new reports from weeks to minutes. We will help you with the following

  • Gather requirements for the report – purpose, source data, audience
  • Develop a data model – convert business requirements to data model
  • Workflow automation – data from various sources are combined and transformed
  • Load data into tool of choice – once data is transformed load into reporting tool
  • Analyse data – calculation of KPI’s for the report
  • Develop interactive visualisations – based on end user requirements
  • Securely share reports – share reports with the right security model applied











      Are you facing any of these challenges ?


      If you are, then;

      • What are you doing to ensure you have the right security model applied in your Power BI models ?
      • What are you doing to ensure your DAX calculations are correct ?
      • How are you ensuring you have the single source of truth in your Power BI models ?


      Fear not, for we can help alleviate your concerns with your Power BI deployment by implementing our “back to basics” approach. The approach includes the following:

      • Reviewing your existing architecture and recommending the appropriate one for your organisation
      • Conducting requirements gathering workshops to identify facts, dimension, and granularity of your data model
      • Developing a dimensional model for your data
      • Extracting data from source systems, transforming it, and loading it into an appropriate layer
      • Calculation of KPI’s and report measures using DAX
      • Designing reports and dashboards using visual best practise principles
      • Applying the right organisational security model to your data and sharing with the correct stakeholders