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This is the second post in the Strategic colouring in Power BI series. Links to all the posts can be found here

In the first post, we discussed how to use strategic colouring to compare different metrics over a common dimension.

In this part I will talk about how to compare a trend of one or multiple category in a field versus the rest of the categories.

We will use the same dataset as in the previous part for continuity. Define 3 measures as follows

TotalSalesAmount =
SUM ( fctSales[SalesAmount] )

TotalSalesAmountALLSize =
CALCULATE ( [TotalSalesAmount], ALL ( dimProduct[Size] ) )

TotalSalesAmountRest =
[TotalSalesAmountALLSize] – [TotalSalesAmount]

Drag the stacked area chart into the canvas and place MonthName in Axis and  [TotalSalesAmount] and [TotalSalesAmountRest] measures in Values. Change the colour of [TotalSalesAmountRest] to grey and [TotalSalesAmount] to a brighter colour say green or blue

Drag Sizze from DimProduct into a Slicer visual and start interrogating the data.


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