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In the previous post we saw how duplication of effort was one of the biggest issues facing companies which are deploying a Power BI solution.

Duplication of effort leads to:
Wasted hours – Time spent on duplicating dashboards can be spent on more value add work

No single version of truth – If a stakeholder has access to multiple dashboards of a similar theme, which one should he/she refer to ?

Employee dissatisfaction – Employees do not want to do repetitive and mundane tasks and will switch to companies with a better data culture

Increasing costs – Companies might have to pay someone overtime or hire new staff as the current staff is “overworked”

But not all is lost. If you are working in an organisation facing such issues these steps might help:

Specialist Reporting and Analytics team – Treat analytics as an important part of your business. Hire specialists who are not only technically sound but are also adept at stakeholder management. Consultants can also be part of the mix

Common data model – Make sure all your data is in one place from which reports can be generated

Consistent design – Make sure you have corporate standards for your reports

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